by Mouthbreather

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All too content with nothing Get off the couch and find your truth But if I crush something lovely I will regret ever having moved We never lived in a garden It was a dumpster the whole time Stupid and mean I tread through this life so carelessly Squished under feet All the friendly bugs that I could meet But every one is so goddamn discreet Puke up the fruit Promptly wake up in a business suit But still not knowing what I have to do Put your forked tongue back into your mouth I am well prepared for selling out You said free will was a sunny day It feels much more like an iron cage Can't trust God, can't trust the snake Can't trust myself with my own fate So here I sit awaiting guests Here to distract me from my questions
In dreams I punch your face in till it's not a face at all And the calf sucked ever deeper into the lion's hungry maw I wonder where it is these silly thoughts are coming from Don't know you personally but I'd like to squish you with my thumb I find that I must ask again who'd watch them watching us? I'm sick and who will tend to me when I puke out my little lungs? Where's the government? At home with its milk and cookies Fuck paying the rent I'll stay home and play some hooky Were you aware you made a big mistake When you skipped work today? And I know it's easy to reach an impasse When your head's so far up your ass Now that we have all of you gathered here Let's agree to disagree
Where's the fucking riots? Where's the fucking riots? Kettle starts to scream Might have seen some steam Maybe we decided We don't really buy it Only in my pretty little dreams There's much to celebrate! Isn't modern life just great? I always stay informed Keeping up with my team's scores Underneath the bridge Homeless people live Human caterpillars Huddled up winter Till they do arise as wingless butterflies Modern life is right for me There's still so many things to see Why should I rise up? I've got an overflowing cup American't be bothered American't be saved Land of the feeble Home of the lame
*guitar and drums intensify*
I'm sorry I must have missed what you just said With knowledge in my pocket, need nothing in my head Eyes on more important things Focus on important things You've gotta learn this lesson if you're gonna be well You can still be empty if you're full of yourself But nobody's gonna teach me shit Nobody's gonna teach me shit Something in the water is making us sick Or maybe it's because we're not able to pick Between being happy and Living in a made-up land Gotta learn this lesson if you're gonna excel You can still be shallow while you drown in the well Little buggies caught in web Spider comes you're dead dead dead Mummified in cable wire Reached the end of your free trial Little fishies caught in net Pulled up by men you're dead dead dead Packed in cans and stacked up on shelves Are we in purgatory or in hell? Fingers pinned to keypads and eyes glued onto screens Learning your emoticons before you can speak You are just the same as me-- Face lit up by LCD
That ship set sail Too big to fail I saw a face in amassing clouds And over the water disturbing sounds Go below deck Where there's music Where there is soft light to keep you calm You don't realize when you start to hum along What I am trying to say is Nobody actually listens If you had you just might have heard Hull on iceberg But maybe we just shouldn't bother now It goes so deep underneath the water I'm so sick of trying to pull the teeth out How quickly they rot on food for thought In line to be saved they just gave me some bread In line for the circus they just put me to bed We sleep now like little babies Uneven snoring does betray me Now they know that I have awakened No more time to be complacent We sleep now like little angels Rocking slowly in little cradles Jolt awake now it is time to bail This ship is too big to fail
Feelings fading fast Faced the question at hand What's the matter man Don't remember the plan? Said a lot of shit The most substantial thing That came out from my mouth Was all the spit that flew out I am vapor now Floating out into space When you look at me Do you see your own face? I reflect exactly what you want to see Like the mirror that you always wanted me to be Despondent and detached Unable to relax Agitated state Lines form on my face I couldn't find a shoebox big enough for you So instead I found a furnace that would do I'm a boring boy You're a serious girl It's a humorless job Separating your worlds I'll stop writing about it pretty soon I hope I appreciate the chance to totally unload So come on home to your second sucker Dupe another motherfucker Without care and without qualm Your gilded hand outstretched for alms Come on by for your consolation Feeding you my desperation Without feeling much at all Except for timid meek and small
You peeked through the curtain and you did not like it you saw what your future had in store Someone that you know was going to the show they couldn't make it though Peer out over empty space Not a single friendly face I wasn't sure which mask I had to wear But everything's funny on a cosmic scale Humble hovel rotting underneath Involuntarily drinking mushroom tea One day I cautiously opened my eyes After living unconsciously a length of time That new fear I gave myself kept me in my home Self-imposed agoraphobe needs to be alone Am I brimming? It's hard to really tell I only ever speak when I'm under magic spell
I am more unstable than I seem So I'm self-imposing quarantine Yes I'm a rotted beam that looks pristine Till we all fall through till we all fall through I don't want to be your friend at all I'd never say this shit to your face Because it's much safer to shout it from a stage My head is dangerous when I am bored I don't want to dwell on it anymore Thinking's such a heavy chore Never knowing what's in store I could never talk about this stuff Unless I had a band backing me up Furfuraceous friends Flaking off my head Scratch that thought, I'd rather not Such sweet relief Cleared up my week Now I can breathe And catch up on sleep
Is that really your face? Like some silicone stretched so tightly over a skull It's hard to relate When you're stuck inside an oyster Polishing yourself Would you look me in the eyeballs? Would you ask me how I am? You're a special kind of gemstone But you only freak me out
You want something sinister? You can be sure we will deliver that Hate mail for your minister? I'm not too sure you'll be able to live with that While I'm up here in front of you All things I say come from a higher place So I've got a message from the holy ghost "Dress all in black and leave home at midnight Burn all your friends alive They're sleeping soundly in their beds" At least I think that's what he said You want something sugary? Just bite your lip and out comes the syrup But for only a nominal fee You could be tasting something even sweeter Cut from template And color it inside the lines with nonthreatening tones Or find yourself alone Making sense of what you did We can't hang this on the fridge It's not for you, so go away Maybe this is what I crave To have you fuckers under sway Do you get it, do you get it yet? Do you even get it yet?


Drums and guitar recorded at Mouthbreather Manor in Parkrose, Portland, Oregon.

Vocals recorded in a closet at Kevin's house.


released May 7, 2014

Guitar and vocals by Leo Robert Brill
Drums and yelling by Joey Todd Burnah Jr.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Saint Kevin Carafa (

Album art by Jenny Curtis: (


all rights reserved



Mouthbreather Portland, Oregon

Math rock, post-hardcore, and experimental folk walk into a bar. The sound person only provides them with 4 drink tickets, because they are a two-piece band called Mouthbreather.
Dynamic song structures and time signatures with no shortage of distinct melody and thoughtful lyricism. Something for everybody! Except maybe your aunt who might say “I don’t get why he has to do all that yelling.”
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