Sports Thong EP

by Mouthbreather

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Recorded by us, almost live.


released October 30, 2013

Joey and Leo did EVERYTHING.



all rights reserved


Mouthbreather Portland, Oregon

Mouthbreather is the two-piece that rocks harder than you. Throughout their 6 years of existence, the band has stayed true to their commitment to progressive song structures, shifting abruptly between serenely melodic segments and angular, dissonant guitar work. The band has worked hard to fully realize the potential of the two-piece and crafting emotionally heavy music. ... more

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Track Name: Little Buggies
I'm sorry I must have missed what you just said
With knowledge in my pocket need nothing in my head
Focus on important things
Eyes on more important things
Gotta learn this lesson if you're gonna be well
You can still be empty if you're full of yourself
But nobody can teach me shit
Nobody's gonna teach me shit
Something in the water is making us sick
Or maybe it's because we're not able to pick
Between being happy and
Living in a made-up land
Gotta learn this lesson if you're gonna excel
You can still be shallow while you drown in the well
Little buggies caught in web
Spider comes you're dead dead dead
Mummified in cable wire
Reached the end of your free trial
Little fishies caught in net
Pulled up by men you're dead dead dead
Packed in cans and stacked up on shelves
Are we in purgatory or in hell?
Fingers pinned to keypads and eyes glued to screens
Learning your emoticons before you can speak
Face lit up by LCD
You are just the same as me
Track Name: Stir Crazy
Flesh falls off while I find different ways to spend my time
Your concern for my psyche is noted. Yes, I'm stir crazy
But that's all well and good for you
Doing just what you want to do
While I engage in solitary pursuits
Roll up sleeves and get to work turning cruelty into good
From good seed grew poison fruit
Pull that plant up by the roots
Wake up to a frightful din
Laughing at your own chagrin
Chaos governs everything
So let the sober day begin
Wipe the sleep from my eyes or what little I've collected
Pull the truth from the dreams, or the few I've dissected
You used to say I was sweet but I sure can be bitter
I'll take the proof that you lived and flush it right down the shitter
won't that feel good
won't that feel so good so good
Down in the hole I go, I go, socially hibernating now
Can't make a friend can't make a foe, socially hibernating now
Underground I can't be found
Down in the hole I go, I go, socially hibernating now
Wake me up when you can't see snow, socially hibernating now
Wouldn't dare to make a sound
Track Name: Too Big To Fail/Second Sucker
That ship set sail
Too big to fail
I saw a face in amassing clouds
And over the water disturbing sounds
Go below deck
Where there's music
Where there is soft light to keep you calm
You don't realize when you start to hum along
What I am trying to say is
Nobody actually listens
If you had you just might have heard
Hull on iceberg
But maybe we just shouldn't bother now
It goes so deep underneath the water
I'm so sick of trying to pull the teeth out
How quickly they rot on food for thought
In line to be saved they just gave me some bread
In line for the circus they put me to bed
We sleep now little babies
Uneven snoring does betray me
Now they know that I have awakened
No more time to be complacent
We rest now like little angels
Rocking slowly in little cradles
Jolt awake now it is time to bail
This ship is too big to fail


Feelings fading fast
Faced the question at hand
What's the matter man
Don't remember the plan?
Said a lot of shit
The most substantial thing
That came from my mouth
Was all the spit that flew out
I am vapor now
Floating out into space
When you look at me
Do you see your own face?
I reflect exactly what you want to see
Like the mirror that you always wanted me to be
Despondent and detached
Unable to relax
Agitated state
Lines form on my face
I couldn't find a shoebox big enough for you
So instead I found a furnace that would do
I'm a boring boy
You're a serious girl
It's a humorless job
Separating your worlds
I'll stop writing about it pretty soon I hope
I appreciate the chance to totally unload
Come on home to your second sucker
Dupe another motherfucker
Without care and without qualm
Your gilded hand outstretched for alms
Come on by for your consolation
Giving you my desperation
Without feeling much at all
Except for timid meek and small
Track Name: Good Goddamn
After dinner-mints of comfort
Are all I have to go on so go on, go on
You left some yellow flowers on my dashboard
Along with a boot print and a sense of stillness
Something tells me that I'll miss my exit
Somewhere along the interstate I realize and curse my rapidly evaporating attention span
Good goddamn
Lost in a trance
Watch the treetops dance
Said you felt like an alien
I wouldn't doubt it
I knew you had been body snatched
I watched you hatch
But I must be a hypocrite
I take the time to curse the callous creature that's been living in my skin
I let it in
Good goddamn
Tell me what I am
An insect or a man
I zoned out for a second there I guess
Feeling a sort of scraping in my chest